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(Seduction in His Smile)

Royal Ascot – 2007 – First Place
Emerald City Opener – 2007 - Second Place
The Molly – 2007 – Runner Up
Fab Five – 2008 – Third Place
Alaska Break-Up – 2008 – Third Place
The Laurie – 2008 – Second Place
The Marlene – 2008 – First Runner Up
Golden Heart – 2008 – Finalist
Linda Howard Award of Excellence - 2013 1st Place

When Adelaide Formsby-Smythe insults the Duke of Selridge to the point she sees her own murder in his eyes, her wish that the ground open up and swallow her seems a perfectly reasonable response. Until it does. Adelaide has loved Marcus since the first time she set eyes on him. She never thought to marry anyone, let alone the man of her dreams. Now if she could just figure out how to tell her new husband she’s a horse thief. 

Marcus Winfield, Duke of Selridge, ends the worst year of his life by falling into an underground cave with the younger sister of his former fiancée. He may be forced to marry her, but he refuses to fall in love. His heart is too full of guilt over his brother’s death to have room for the affections of a hoydenish girl. She could never love the scarred cripple Waterloo has made him. Especially as he knows she was in love with his brother and is now in love with a handsome viscount. Isn’t she?


Fool For Love 2010 – 1st Place
Daphne du Maurier 2011 – 1st Place
Royal Ascot 2011 – 3rd Place
Heart to Heart 2011 – 2nd Place
The Suzannah 2011 – Finalist
The Linda Howard 2012 – 1st Place  (Write Magic 4th Place)
Weta Nichols Contest 2012 – 1st Place
Emerald City Opener 2012 – 3rd Place
Great Beginnings 2013 – 1st Place
Royal Ascot 2013 – Finalist
Maggie Awards 2013 - Honorable Mention (Fifth Place)
Launching a Star 2013 - Finalist
The Emily 2013 - Finalist


Royal Ascot – 2008 – First Place
Daphne du Maurier – 2008 – First Place
Golden Pen – 2008 – Second Place
Hook, Line, and Sinker - 2009 - First Place
Between the Sheets- 2009 - First Place
Linda Howard Award of Excellence - 2009 - Third Place
Spring Into Romance - 2009 - Finalist
Great Beginnings - 2009 - Finalist
Golden Heart – 2009 – Finalist

The purest hearts hide the darkest secrets. The darkest of secrets can hide the purest souls. Ravencrest is a house of dark places. After a near tragedy results in her dismissal as governess there, a small part of Madeline Carston is relieved. She has enough dark places of her own. Rumors of murder and madness at the remote mansion on the cliffs of Dunwich reach Madeline; and after four years she must decide if a child’s sanity is worth facing the handsome and cold lord of Ravencrest – Baron Tristan Monticourt, the man they call The Raven.
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